reticent rain

Richard Acosta: Reticent Rain

reticent rain

The first Novella from Richard Acosta: Reticent Rain

Screw the reviews this one’s a winner if you can figure it out.

The spaces between the connect and the disconnect are in concert when a young psychiatric intern, Doctor Pierce, faces the many challenges that the state run institution of Westwood presents to him. There he meets Paige, a frail and catatonic patient, that forever changes both of their lives forever. Through cryptic passages and heavy metaphor, the story unfolds to a bewildering and unnerving ending.


Pay attention:
1.The “ramblings”(not so random) in the beginning, are prelude to what’s to come and to set up the entire world of Westwood itself. There is a lot in there and, believe it or not, sets up the novella to actually represent 7 different hidden stories within the context of the asthetic story.
2.The Laertes quote is actually misquoted on purpose and taken totally out of context.
3.I like the numbers of 3,5,7 and 13 for good reason and this serves as a hint to some of my upcoming stories themselves.
4.The chapters/axis diagnosis codes are all extrapolated from the DSM II(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) published in 197?, well I’ll let you look that up and try to figure out the real reason why I extrapolated them and what year they were published.
5. Imagine the labyrinth of Westwood and what it actually represents; physically, metaphorically and spiritually.
6.The turtle exactly serves 3 purposes/meanings.
7. Pay attention to the quotes before each chapter, what they are explaining and try to imagine who is actually saying them.

Good luck! -R.A.

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